At Home Halloween

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This fun door hanger serves dual purposes. Deliver with the witch side up and as residents return home and read the hanger they will know to flip it over if they will be staying in and giving out treats on Halloween or they can leave it in place if they will be out. Trick or Treaters in your community will know which units welcome Trick or Treaters by a glance at the door hanger.

Constructed of water-resistant, laminated stock.

The message on the front is:

I'm off on my broom...
No need to fear.
There's simply no treats
for those who knock here.
Happy Halloween!

The message on the back is:

Tonight's the night!
No Hocus Pocus here.
Just treats for all
who venture near!
Happy Halloween!

How to use:
Re-hang this door hanger on doorknob prior to trick-or-treat. Place side that applies to you facing out.

ed stock.

Product Dimensions:     4" x 10"

Case Size for Optimal Shipping Rates:     12

Minimum Quantity Order:     12

Container:     Earth Friendly/Self or No Packaging

Contents:     Little Gifts