Basics with Floor Protectors and Picture Hangers

$13.99 ea.

Please order in multiples of 12

Throughout our 20 years, one gift called "Basics" has inspired the creation of many other snack and essentials gifts. Now, we return to that original gift to pay homage to it and to provide you with yet another carefully-designed move-in gift!

A glossy navy blue box, tied with a bow of our 20th Anniversary satin ribbon, is resident-ready with its cargo of necessary toilet paper and a pre-pasted toothbrush. A pad of paper and a Paper Mate pen are included for taking measurements and creating a grocery list. Floor protectors in several sizes will protect fine finished floors and will make moving furniture from place to place easier. A pack of picture hangers gives residents the means to hang pictures properly. Moving creates hunger so we included Sun Chips, Mini Peanut M&M's, and Jolly Rancher candies. The gift is at once beautiful and practical. Clearly, living well is basic at your community!

The Sun Chips in this gift have a shorter shelf life than the other contents. We recommend distributing these gifts to your recipients within four weeks of receipt.

Product Dimensions:     8.5" x 4" x 5"

Case Size for Optimal Shipping Rates:     12

Container:     Box

Contents:     Essentials