Ghostly Halloween with Mini Nerds attached

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Deliver delicious treats directly to resident's doors!
Fun graphics appear on both on the front and back of the door hanger. The attached box of delicious Mini Nerds Candy and an easily delivered message makes this enhanced door hanger the perfect Halloween gift!
Residents arriving home to find this surprise on their door will certainly appreciate the treat and be impressed by the usefulness of the item as well!The door hanger will serve to let Trick or Treaters in the community know which units are participating in Trick or Treat and which are not.

Constructed of water-resistant, laminated stock.

The message on the front of this door hanger is:
Little Ghosts and Goblins
Welcome here tonight!

The message on the reverse of this door hanger is:

Thanks for living here. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

How to use:
1. Remove and enjoy candy.
2. Re-hang this door hanger on doorknob prior to trick-or-treat.
Place side that applies to you facing out.

of a chance
of finding us home.

A gift from your property management.

Product Dimensions:     4" x 10"

Case Size for Optimal Shipping Rates:     12

Minimum Quantity Order:     12