American Pop! (4th of July/Appreciation) with Popping Candy attached

$1.39 ea.

Please order in multiples of 12

Deliver delicious treats rights to your residents' doors!

Colorful graphics of fireworks cover the front of the door hanger, and a packet of fun and yummy Icee Popping Candy is attached! When eaten Pebble Pops pop in the mouth and make a crackling sound! Show residents appreciation and help them enjoy Independence Day at your property.

Constructed of water-resistant, laminated stock.

The message on the front of the door hanger is:





The message on the back of the door hanger is:

This 4th of July, take time to celebrate all things America...

Decorate with Red, White  & Blue

Hang By THe Pool

Listen To A Great Soundtrack

Watch Fireworks

Enjoy Your Home...

We're So Glad You're Here!

A Gift From Your Property Management

Product Dimensions:     4" x 10"

Case Size for Optimal Shipping Rates:     12

Container:     Earth Friendly/Self or No Packaging

Contents:     Little Gifts