Your Renewal Program

$5.79 ea.

Please order in multiples of 24

Increase your renewal rates for $5.79 per resident with this easy as 1-2-3 program! We've done the thinking for you!

Studies show that your repeated contact with residents increases resident retention. Order now...and reap the benefits!

For one low price of $5.79 you will receive all three of the following point of contact gifts:

Contact Point One

Gift: FRS-70410 Renewal Card with Owl graphics.
Deliver or mail this card to residents approximately 120-160 days from renewal to start them thinking about renewing. The card asks, "Whooo wants you to renew?" and answers, "WE Do! We Do! WE Do!" and gives three good reasons why.

Contact Point Two

Gift: SPE-20714 Renewal Time
Approximately 90-120 days from renewal, deliver (along with renewal papers) this Special Message Gift with blue Jelly Belly brand jelly beans which states, "We would be BLUE without you! It's time to renew!"
Note: The reverse side of the gift has a statement that the gift is "From Your Property Management."

Contact Point Three

Gift: FFT-21117 Pop & Renew
Close the deal with this final gesture. Hang this Food for thought Door Hanger with attached Act II Microwave Popcorn on residents' door knobs approximately 60 days from renewal. The message states, "Just popped in to say...we hope that you will stay! Renew your lease today!"

Customized Renewal Programs available!

The Renewal Program listed above has been created to be easy, efficient, and effective! If you would like additional ideas for expanding the program (such as customizing an item or using different items) we are happy to help! Call us and let us tailor a renewal program to your needs and price points.


Case Size for Optimal Shipping Rates:     24